i don’t know if you take asks like these but i have one, i like this kink but something thats always bothered me about spanking kinks, especially in a relationship playing on power (parent/child, teacher/student) is the consent. i get kink=/=reality but with art i see its hard to tell, are people ok with domestic violence like this in real life? it’s just disturbing seeing some art when the receiver is crying their eyes out, i just wish there was more art with readable consent. thank you

Non-consensual spanking art is not, for me, an advocation of real life spanking of real life children. While there might be some who are interested in vaolrizing domestic violence, I’m not one of them and the spanking artists I’ve seen opine on the subject aren’t either. 

For me, fascination with non-consensual spanking art isn’t about promoting real life spanking, but in provoking my memories and projecting myself onto those situations. There’s something interesting to me about being in a non-consensual situation. Again, not in real life, but in a safe space, like my head, or a blog. 

I understand if you don’t like it. You’re not alone in not liking it. But if you don’t like it, this is not the blog for you.